Real World Privacy

👋 Hi there!

I'm Jonathan Wilde, an engineering leader that's led responses for the riskiest and highest-profile privacy problems in the world, at fast-moving companies small and large.

I develop pragmatic, engineering-friendly solutions for "impossible" problems:

  • Building the first version of Clubhouse's privacy-aware data layer in a couple days, and getting multiple teams using it in production within the first week.

  • Migrating one of the industry's largest contact databases to use client-side hashing in under 4 weeks with no downtime, to acclaim from international privacy experts.

  • Founding and leading Meta’s Privacy Control Infra team to rapidly find and wrangle 1000+ products across 200+ teams to comply with US regulatory obligations.

I write and speak about privacy engineering. Selected talks, chapters, and podcasts:

In the past, I've been a Tech Lead Manager at Clubhouse supporting privacy, security, and trust & safety engineering. And prior to that, I spent 6 years at Meta, where I founded and led their Privacy Control Infra team, led deployment of a UN Human Rights Council recommendation for the 2017 Rohingya refugee crisis in Myanmar, and worked on products to support people through difficult life moments.

I'm always excited to chat. Get in touch with me over email or LinkedIn.